Painting evenings with Irene Messia (and wine)

Who’s ready to paint? (and drink some wine?!)

We’re creating a fun new painting evening for everyone who wants to unlock & explore their creative side — it’s all about celebrating our creativity in a fun, social environment without any pressure or expectations (and wine. it’s also about wine.)

It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’re a good enough painter because I’ll be there to guide you through the evening — this is simply for everyone who loves the idea of painting, creating and socialising!

It’s not a class, it’s a painting evening in a beautiful location, and at the end of the night you’ll take home your very own masterpiece.

All you need to bring is a pinch of creativity…

What’s included in the price:

– canvas upon which to build your masterpiece
– paints & brushes to bring your creativity to life
– snacks to keep you focused
– we’ll even give you a complimentary glass of wine when you arrive 🙂 …and you can purchase more at the bar if you need a boost of creativity!

Next session: Wednesday, 7 July (6.30-8.30pm)
Where: The Dust Temple in Currumbin
Theme: The Renaissance

Painting with Irene Messia (and wine)



Bringing friends? You can now book as a group…

[2x people] Painting with Irene Messia (and wine)

[3x people] Painting with Irene Messia (and wine)

[4x people] Painting with Irene Messia (and wine)

[5x people] Painting with Irene Messia (and wine)

If you want to bring lots of friends or even create your own private session just for your team, msg me and we can make a plan