Hello friends, I’m excited to say that I am going to Tasmania for a new artist-in-residency! And so I would like to find a new home for my last big painting.

This is my third and final auction, Let’s Do Weird Things Tonight, a piece that has a special place in my heart. I was in two minds about offering this for sale, but I would much rather see this hanging on your wall than hidden away in storage.

This is the last work I own from my 2020 exhibition, ‘Being’, and is also one of my largest oil paintings (almost two metres tall).

Weird Things is a surrealistic representation of a dream where the outer world (the forest) is collapsing on the inner (the room). As with many of my paintings, this piece was part of my study into the construction and deconstruction of the form.

The auction will last for 48 hours and there is no reserve price. If you have any questions please message me on Instagram or Messenger.

– Ire

Let’s Do Weird Things Tonight

120cm x 180cm
oil on canvas

Starting bid: $1
Reserve price: No reserve
Buy It Now price: $3400
Auction ends: 1pm Sunday 13 March (QLD time)




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